My Perspective on the School Shabbaton

Sophia Altman '20

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The Ma’ayanot schoolwide Shabbaton, which took place on the weekend of October 20th, was a weekend of pure excitement and a highlight of the school year. The Shabbaton was a great opportunity for students and teachers to unite and spend time together outside of the classroom. The whole weekend was a blast from start to finish. On Thursday night, the first night of Shabbaton, mentalist Ted St. James came and truly spooked everyone. St. James’ performance was followed by optional swimming and Mishmar. On Friday, the whole school took a trip to Chelsea Piers where there were a variety of different activities for everyone. With ice-skating, gymnastics, batting-cages, and rock-climbing, there was surely something fun for everyone to do! Friday’s exciting activity was the beginning of the fun and great times that took place on Shabbat. Following a long time spent on pre-Shabbat pictures, the entire school gathered for a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat, Maariv, and Friday night dinner. The davening on Shabbat morning was just as nice and many D’vrei Torah were shared as well. During Shabbat afternoon, there were a few hours of free time, where students had time to make new friends, and bond with students both in and out of their grades. Allie Orlinsky (‘20) explained that “all of the new friendships made during the free time on Shabbat is truly amazing. It’s incredible how after just a few short hours, all of the students are able to meet new people who they didn’t even know went to school with them!” After Shabbat ended, there was a beautiful havdalah followed by dancing and a kumzitz. The energy of all the students during the dancing was indescribable. The kumzitz was the perfect closing to the weekend because it brought tears of happiness to all.


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