9th Grade Shabbaton

Maya Chen and Mya Baitz '22

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 The Shabbaton started with a trip to the Palisades Mall, where the 9th-grade class went to Dave and Busters, on the way to Wesley Hills. Dave and Busters was a great way to get everyone excited and pumped up for the Shabbaton. Additionally, the activity gave the 9th graders time to have fun with their friends, as Nava Forman said, “We got to experience time with the grade outside of a school environment.” The freshmen and senior fellows then loaded the buses and went to their host’s houses to prepare for Shabbat. Everyone assembled at Shul, and Shabbat was welcomed in with songs. The seniors assigned tables to all of the freshmen so that the freshmen would meet new people. The seniors sat with the freshman at dinner and made sure everyone was included in all the conversations; Avigayil Rifkind comments, “It was a lot of fun bonding with the seniors.”  Throughout the night, the tasty food, divre Torah, games, and zemirot made Friday a night to remember.

         The next day started bright and early with davening at Kehillas Bais Yehuda. After davening, there was a kiddish in the Shul for the entire congregation. Risa Farber comments, “It was an inspirational time where I got to bond with new people.” Following the kiddish, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Blass spoke to the freshmen and seniors. Rebbetzin Blass told stories about her days working at a Beit Din. Then the Rabbi and Rebbetzin discussed the importance of being confident and not allowing others’ opinions affect your self-worth. After the conclusion of the Rabbi and Rebbetzin’s speech, the freshmen went to eat lunch and spend time with one another. When they finished eating, the freshmen went to a senior panel. At the panel, the freshmen were able to ask the seniors about their high school experience and express their concerns. “It was a good learning experience,” said Chaya Hill. The day continued with minucha and seudat shilshit. Both events were filled with laughter, games, and bonding. “It brought  us closer together as a grade,” said Devora Weinstein. To wrap up the beautiful day, all of the freshmen gathered in a circle for zemirot, which concluded the freshman Shabbaton of 2019.


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