Outdoor Soccer Takes A Win!

Jessie Brenner

On Sunday, October 6th, Ma’ayanot’s outdoor soccer team defeated Frisch. Often when the indoor soccer team plays, the game turns into a grudge match that ends with Frisch winning, so the team went in fearing that Frisch may take the win yet again. However, with Rimberg as a strong core in the middle, Frisch stood no chance! The starters included Macklin (‘21), Littwin (‘21), Rimberg (‘22), Rifkind (‘22), Nava Forman (‘22), Honikman (‘22), Greenberg (‘23) and Kaplan (‘20). The game started out slow, with neither team scoring in the first half of the game.But during the second half, the game started heating up; Litwin passed the ball to Rimberg, who then shot and scored from the half line, making the first goal of the night. Litwin went on to make two goals herself, and Rimberg, Macklin, and Hanian (‘20) also scored. In the end, Ma’ayanot achieved a great victory, beating Frisch seven to three. Fuksbrumer (‘20) played a great game in the goal, letting in only three shots from the other team. Fuksbrumer’s skill was recently recognized in the Jewish Link, and judging by this game, it was well-deserved! Macklin reflected on the game, saying, “Everyone was on edge going in, but we were able to defeat them in the end due to the great teamwork and hard effort of the entire team…both on and off the field.” The team is looking forward to the rest of the season and hope that this game will be the start of a successful run!