Rapids Retreat

Daphna Lent ‘21

On Thursday, September 19th, Ma’ayanot had a school wide retreat to Camp Dina. The day was full of fun, relaxation, and bonding. We boarded the busses right after davening, and once we arrived, Rabbi Prince began the day by introducing the theme of the school year: Vision 20/20. Since the year 2020 is approaching, this theme will be incorporated into many aspects of our school year, teaching students to have clear vision in their goals and actions. Following this introduction, the G.O. then showed a video to increase excitement for the day and the fun began.

           Activities featured arts and crafts where students made string bracelets, mini golf, basketball, volleyball, hockey and hot rocks. There were also activities that allowed for students and faculty to engage in friendly competition, such as student vs. faculty kickball and gaga. Gabriella Jacobs (‘22) said, “I really liked the teachers against students kickball game …It was so fun to watch and cheer them on.” 

         After lunch was served, students played a school-wide game of human bingo, allowing each participant to learn more about their peers. Students then broke up by grade for bonding and games. Yonina Marder (‘21) shared her personal experience: “After we completed the short game that the teachers had prepared for us, instead of going our separate ways, our grade stayed together and played an exciting game of ‘shake and pop’. We taught those who did not know how to play, lengthened our bonding time, and genuinely had a great time as a group.” The bonding continued with activities such as boating and fishing on the lake, swimming in the pool, archery, zumba and yoga/meditation. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed ice pops by the lake, followed by mishmar. There was a large bonfire, and graham crackers and chocolate chips were provided to make delicious s’mores. Ayelet Kurz (‘21) says her favorite part of the day “was the opportunity to spend time with my friends outside of school in a relaxing environment. I especially liked that there was no phone service so I spent the day talking to my friends.” 

            Overall, the retreat was much more than just a relaxing, fun, sunny day at Camp Dina. The retreat inspired students to build greater relationships with each other and their teachers, showing the true spirit of Ma’ayanot.