Oh, Israel, What Is Your Fate?

Elisheva Raskas ‘21

Oh, Israel, what is your fate? 

Israel elections,

Again and again.

Who will be prime minister?

When will this end?


Not enough seats are obtained,

No coalition is formed.

Everyone seems to be stressed, 

Can Israel take more?


Day after day,

Politicians debate.

Who will shake hands with whom

In Israel’s most chaotic election to date?


Benny Gantz?

Binyamin Netanyahu?

Reuven Rivlin,

What should we do?!


Rid Netanyahu from Likud?

Go for election number three?

Many Israeli citizens request

A government of unity. 


If a third election takes place,

A year with a transition government would go by,

Run by an unelected official.

There must be an alternative we could try! 


No stable power at hand

In this blue and white state,

Oh, dear Israel,

What is your fate?