Dreidel Madness

Risa Farber

Throughout the week of Chanukah, many teachers competed in a dreidel spinning competition run by G.O. Students were encouraged to fill out brackets with their predictions of which teachers would win in order to be entered for a prize. On Friday, December 27th, after a week of March Madness style dreidel competitions, there was a final showdown in front of the whole school. Mrs. Steinfeld faced off against Mrs. Schmuckler, and Rabbi Prince competed against Mrs. Meyers. After winning their respective competitions, Mrs. Steinfeld and Rabbi Prince battled it out. Mrs. Steinfeld made a valiant effort, but just couldn’t beat Rabbi Prince’s mad skills. Rabbi Prince was crowned winner, and received with a special dreidel crown that matched those that the G.O. members wore. When asked about his experience in the arduous competition, Rabbi Prince said, “While winning is always great, I had so much fun competing with my fellow teachers. I found it to be a bonding experience for us and a way to build camaraderie and fellowship among teachers and staff in every department.” The event not only involved the teachers, but also engaged the students. Esti Lebovic (‘22) won the prize for the student brackets; her prediction was closest to the actual result. Naomi Honikman (‘22) said, “Although I am happy Rabbi Prince won, I was hoping that Rabbi Besser would make it all the way!” Many students enjoyed watching the final four compete, to see if their chosen contestant would win, like Maya Chen (‘22), who commented, “It was really exciting to see the teachers get into the activity and be energetic even though my bracket wasn’t correct.” G.O. planned an amazing and fun Chanukah program that really did include the whole school—students and faculty. Yashar Koach to everyone involved!

Picture 1: Mrs. Steinfeld (left) and Mrs. Schmuckler (left) compete in the Dreidel Madness competition.

Picture 2: Rabbi Prince stands victoriously in front of the bracket.