Apple or Samsung?

Shalhevet Abenaim ‘18

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Apple has taken a massive step forward with its new IPhone X. The screen is the biggest ever, and, according to, people are loving it. However, many are comparing the new IPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S8. The IPhone X is 3 millimeters thinner than the Galaxy 8, but the Galaxy S8 is 20 grams lighter. Do these differences make much of a difference? Perhaps not, but because the new IPhone greatly Resemble the Galaxy S8, many are looking at the little differences that set these phones apart. The question many people are asking is which one is better and which should I be buying?
Apple and Samsung have been competitors for years as two of the most popular phone companies. These two phones’ similarities only increase the number of comparisons people make between the two companies.
The IPhone X still has no specific headphone jack, but the Galaxy S8 does. The Galaxy S8 also has a higher resolution, but the S8 still has a fingerprint scanner. The X has new face recognition technology. The actual hardware and the way the phones work are completely different. Both companies make excellent phones that work perfectly in their own way. Which one a consumer chooses is completely based on personal preference.

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Apple or Samsung?