A Concert of Music and Spirit

By Leora Baumgarten ’20

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The Shalva Band is a band comprised of talented, young, and disabled musicians. Their home base is in Israel, but they are currently on tour, traveling to different locations throughout Canada, Mexico, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

When the Shalva Band came to our school on November 2, I was unsure of the purpose of their visit. I had no idea what I’d be seeing, and definitely did not expect to be affected deeply by their presence. The singers’ voices were bright and distinct. The drummer’s beat was strong and rhythmic. Their music was incredible, and their energy was contagious, as was evident by the fact that almost the entire school was dancing. The Shalva Band’s visit wasn’t just an outstanding concert. Their performance proved to each and every student present that societal expectations don’t define our being. These artists were able to defy the stereotypes that have most likely followed them from birth, and have worked hard to become who and what they wished to become. Their talents and sense of positivity reinforced my belief in the limitless possibilities of human potential.

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Ma'ayanot Yeshiva High School
A Concert of Music and Spirit