Ma’ayanot Moments

Leora Baumgarten ‘20

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Sometimes it’s really easy to get caught up in our work. It makes sense; between homework, quizzes, essays, tests, and projects, it can often seem like work is the be-all and end -all of our lives. But then there are those moments that make you step back and realize that there’s more to life than just work, that there’s more to even school than just work. Just last week, on Monday, November 27, I experienced one of those moments.
The entire school had been gathered in the Beit Knesset. We were awaiting a speaker, who was, as it turns out, fantastic and inspiring. But that’s not really what I want to write about. We were told that the speaker was going to be some twenty minutes late. To fill the time, Rabbi Besser was called upon to give a D’var Torah. He spoke about the power of names and the power of gratitude, and how we can learn about these messages from the parsha. Rabbi Besser finished his meaningful speech, but there were still ten minutes or so before the speaker was going to arrive. I heard whispers among the students, wondering what would come next. After a few seconds of pondering the situation, Rabbi Besser announced that “Anyone who wants to share a Torah-related idea is welcome to come up to the microphone and speak.” And what followed was an “open D’var Torah mic.” Students from every grade spoke, some about the parsha, some about Thanksgiving, and some about life in general. Here we were, in the midst of a busy week, but an entire school found it within themselves to come together and share words of Torah. It really was a moment that allowed me to recognize the bigger picture, and remember that school isn’t only about work. It was a true “Ma’ayanot moment.”

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Ma’ayanot Moments