My Shabbaton Experience

Meital Fuksbrumer ‘20

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As a Ma’ayanot sophomore attending the Shabbaton for the second time, my excitement was at an all-time high. Last year I had an amazing time, and could not wait to experience the fun again! Ma’ayanot always does a great job planning activities, games, and lectures to ensure that everyone enjoys herself. I was put in a room with friends, and we stayed up talking and playing cards all Thursday night! Friday afternoon, everyone, dressed in Shabbat clothing, headed outside to take pictures in the freezing cold. Afterwards, we all went inside to light candles and daven. Friday night is always a special time: the meal with friends, talking and singing, and, of course, Shabbat-O-grams! After dinner and learning, my friends and I headed upstairs for a night of games and chatting! We stayed up until the morning, only getting a few hours of sleep before davening. Shabbat day was just as much fun as Thursday and Friday. I attended great sessions where students were invited to ask questions and discuss the answers. My favorite was the modesty panel, made up of teachers. The topic was so fascinating that the discussion carried into lunchtime, when I sat at a table with friends and teachers to discuss modesty and Halacha. Motzei Shabbat we had an awesome time dancing, singing, and eating. Mr. Tiefenbrunn’s guitar playing was a wonderful treat. When it was time to go, there were tears, but I know next year’s Shabbaton will bring more excitement and memories!

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My Shabbaton Experience